We are the night, three men accompanied by white-collar nightclubs out of the 50,000 watch

With the development of the times, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. As our Chinese culture is more and more accepted by the rest of the world, we are inevitably integrated into many western cultures. One nightclub culture is a good integration into the Chinese society, one of the culture, with the accelerated pace of Chinese society, people living in urban life and work pressure is growing, and economic conditions slightly better white-collar family They urgently need a place to indulge their own, the release of pressure, and the nightclub became the best they may choose. The crowd, noisy music, colorful lights, together constitute the nightclubs feasting atmosphere, the music stimulated the body's hormones, alcohol anesthesia of people's nerves, dim and colorful lights also constitute people indulge in the atmosphere. In such an environment, beautiful clothes, shiny jewelry, will win the praise of others for your eyes, this time as the lack of jewelry men need a unique watch, in that chaotic environment Let you become the focus of everyone. Here, Xiaobian will watch the appearance of three 50000 watch stunning characteristics of the watch recommended to you, so you get wonderful wonderful performance at night. 116610LV "green water ghost" design is simple and generous, very memorable theme of the green theme is the main replica watches 3135 automatic mechanical movement, functional and practical, should pay attention to when wearing to avoid strenuous exercise and a long time to shake the watch , So as not to damage the movement. Bold and excellent design for Rolex stick to the traditional brand is a great innovation, since the introduction of green water ghosts, Rolex will undoubtedly become one of the hottest products, attracted many rogue submariner fans mad pursuit, And because this table is out of a group, and its next batch of features that are exactly the same appearance replaced by black water, making this watch has no market value, with a high collection value. So, when a green ghost appears in front of you, be sure to cherish, do not wait until the loss of regret. BR1 RED RADAR replica watches uk is a very creative watch, the aircraft cockpit dashboard as its source of inspiration, and now there is a level of instrumentation, etc., red radar watch has been launched for 3 years Time, but also introduced a variety of improved version, but this is the first time in 2010 after the launch of the first prototype of the real simulation of radar modeling, and other types of watches, do not understand its Friends of the table for its mystery Walking from time to time confused, by rotating the crystal plate to achieve travel time, which is now most of the mysterious table enthusiastic form. Overall, this watch's unique design, bold creativity and limited, making it a representative of the brand works. Athens is a maritime precision instruments origin brand, so it is also a soft spot for the navigation rolex replica, not only in color to give more gorgeous, and also in function more abundant. 263-33-3 / 97 wrist watch is one of a very common one in the marine watch series, in addition to orange handsome appearance, the whole family is not too much new ideas, but this is only its surface, its The back is simply a monument to meritorious service, the history of the Athens table won 18 international gold medals as well as more than 4300 international first prize, the most important 18 gold medal of the year and the award-winning locations are burned in the back of this watch at the expense of the Back through the enjoyment of the movement to bring the fun after the acquisition of the brand culture is nurtured. Although this watch is not limited edition, but each section has a separate number. I believe we read the above description, should have been indulging in the three tables among the outstanding grace, and yes they all have a bright color and classic style, but when you take each table appears in the field of vision of others In, they will show a completely different style, the following we combine their price comparison for everyone to do a summary. The first is the highest price of 70,000 yuan of green water ghost Rolex 116610LV, in the watch industry green water ghost can be said to have long been fame, since its introduction has maintained a high heat. When you put it in your hand, your masculine will be with the heavy oyster metal shell revealed out of your youth and vitality will also be because the Nama bright green to be revealed in the nightclub among your wrist On the green water ghosts, such as the devil's eyes are generally breathtaking. Next is the price slightly lower value of 66,900 yuan of the Athens Maxi Marine Diver men's watch, an orange it gives us the infinite gentle and ambiguous, and its style and nightclubs atmosphere perfect fusion together, and also Have a good leading role, so you and the people around you more indulge into one. Case and strap on the anchor-shaped mark is also quite classic, both anchovy voyage meaning, but also with the kite line has the same purpose, to remind you not to fly too far, in addition to this style of table bias Neutral, women can also wear. The last to say is a series from the Bo Lai Shi AVIATION radar table, this limited edition 999, the price of 55,000 yuan, Bo Lai Shi watches are relatively large, this is no exception, the black 46 mm Stainless steel case will show you a strong male style. Red ores crystal glass watch is to make the watch more enchanting, that deep red as that strong under the sinking under the fiery heart, the perfect highlights the charm of a mature man. These three features of the table has a big difference, but no doubt these features will make them the most dazzling star in the nightclub, which is more suitable for you, you have to decide for yourself.