60,000 or so, two in 2013 when the two latest watch recommended

In this year's Basel Watch Fair, there are two when the watch to Xiaobian two left a deep impression, a Rolex is particularly hot this year, Greenwich II series of blue-black circle table, also known as the Is the "Inter Milan circle", the other is the hippocampus series Omega orange circle when the two watches. Today, two specially recommended when the two watches, on the one hand because they are new this year, the number is full of some mystery, the other is that both have been to the store, we like it to the store in person Feel, of course, the most important is that these two tables represent the development of two brands. This Rolex Greenwich II116710BLNR replica watches uk, in the Basel Watch Fair with a stunning debut, into the people's vision which has left a lingering impression, deeply rooted in people's hearts. Rolex classic oyster case design, sparkling stainless steel dazzling metallic luster, a unique two-color ceramic bezel and bubble-type date display window, all this is so familiar, but with a new Attitude in our eyes, as we recast the classic. Function with, this table also has a very good performance, whether it is away from home, or home life, it can provide you with good help. The movement, not to mention, rolex replica 3186 movement will be in time with the reality of the race to explain everything. Relying on the internal powerful 8605 movement with the practical features to attract the attention of most people, and before that Omega has just launched a "Planet Ocean", a new type of hippocampus, Film to call for marine environmental protection. The combination of the two watch this fame, will be part of the income-funded public projects this action is also captured like the public welfare activities of the table fans heart. Its bamboo watch box is also a good way to promote the concept of environmental protection, up to 4 years after-sales service to give it the most basic protection. Overall,rolex replica this section is the biggest feature is its blue and black two-color ceramic bezel, the two-color ceramic fusion technology spent nearly six years of Rolex exploration, although earlier there is a coke ring, but this A blue and black circle is undoubtedly a Rolex ceramic technology, a qualitative improvement. The Omega watch this paragraph when the hippocampus is the brand advocate the protection of the powerful witness of the sea, the brand promised to donate part of the Ocean GMT watch sales income, funding to protect mangrove forests in Southeast Asia and seaweed public projects. Rolex and Omega's two tables are in the technical level of the world's leading level, Rolex's blue Parachrom gossamer than the average gossamer to be more robust, coupled with shock absorbers, making the section of the anti-impact capability is very strong, and Omega Is the use of coaxial escapement system and silicon material gossamer, the same with diamagnetic properties, coaxial system applications can also extend the maintenance cycle of the movement, 600 meters waterproof than the Rolex GMT 100 meters waterproof, Professional use of point of view, Omega is better than Rolex, and wear resistance and impact resistance, the Rolex is stronger than the Omega. These two tables have their own good performance, they are very suitable for travel, adventure, love, and color on the chic, but also makes it popular by fashion people.