Between the elegant gold, Rolex 178341/72161

Speaking of Rolex brand replica watches uk, I believe we will not just arrived in China's rapid economic development, people's living standards improved significantly between the decades, luxury Jinlao brought to enhance the identity of the effect of the People's hearts left a deep impression. In the more people began to focus on health and sports, sports style of the watch began to sweep in the crowd to the stunning green water ghost as the representative of the Rolex Submariner series has attracted a lot of eyeballs. Of course, Rolex Explorer series, Oyster series of constant action, the Greenwich-type series and many other watches, are a Rolex unique solid and vitality for people love. And this time our protagonist is no longer vibrant or strong and tough men's watch, but a rolex replica character in the same time, but also full of elegant ladies watch Rolex log series 178341/72161 watch . Here let us take a look at this watch is how to interpret the women are fresh, refined and elegant. The Rolex 178341/72161 watch is a women's automatic mechanical watch, its smaller size is only 31 mm table diameter can better demonstrate the delicate wrist and ladies. This watch is mainly made of rose gold, steel and diamonds and other materials, rose gold and 904L stainless steel and other materials with, so replica watches showing a rich luster, like a passionate and no lack of emotional poetry, singing the song Carefree youth, Rolex 178341/72161 watch is also suitable for a time when young women wear, and able to show a good temperament against the effect. In the case of the watch outer ring is also inlaid with 24 different sizes of diamonds, diamond rules and patchwork distribution, so that the watch exudes a brilliant luster, diamonds shine as if not light, but our lives Have gone through the good times, and this watch is not accompanied by Ms. life is the best period of time Mody? I believe in the most beautiful days there is such a watch exudes jewels accompanied by the woman is an unforgettable happiness. The watch's coffee dial is to watch the finishing touch, and watch the overall tone, this color is slightly deep, but it added to the watch a floor feeling, will not let it People feel frivolous, but also to wear this table appears to be very content ladies, highlight the elegant. Between the gold strap is in style with the main body of the table against each other, is the watch to show a better overall effect. This Rolex 178341/72161 watch is equipped with a 2235 movement, which is a very suitable for small-size women's automatic mechanical watch movement, its size is relatively small, but the performance is still quite a performance Of the powerful. It can provide 28,800 times per hour of oscillation frequency, which is equivalent to 1 second divided into four copies, greatly improving the accuracy of the watch travel time. This movement can also provide 48 hours of power reserve, which is modern living habits have an excellent fit, so do not like to wear the watch on weekends ladies can also easily spend the weekend. Rolex 178341/72161 watch is a classic Rolex ladies watch, it rose gold, stainless steel and diamonds and other materials with, so that the overall display of the watch gorgeous shiny appearance, giving the watch outstanding The effect of temperament set off, between the gold strap to join also played a role in icing on the cake. Although it features no special design, but the calendar window to join the watch more practical value, 100 meters depth of the water also makes this watch tender and not delicate, you can calmly face life. Precision 2235 movement, but also the performance of the watch to give strong support, this table is currently the market reference price of 408,000 yuan, although the price is cheap but also value for money.