Oyster professional timepiece, Rolex Yacht Mingshi 116,681

Sailing is a challenging sport because there are many factors that can be difficult to control at sea, such as wind direction, wind speed, etc. The sailing competition is divided into three stages: sailing, sailing, terminal, before the start of the game 10 minutes, the referee will rise a certain level of the flag, that the level of the ship from the sail there are 10 minutes, 5 minutes later, raised another level of the flag to remind the level of the ship from the sail there are 5 minutes, Then, at intervals of one minute, 4, 3, 2, 1, the sound signals are used to inform the participating boats. rolex replica in accordance with the rules of the sailing competition, in particular the introduction of highly technical content of the yacht Mingshi II-type watch, which is characterized by sailors can help record the exact time before sailing, make full use of preparation time, see the sail signal , Quickly dispatched. Rolex Mascot for the first time launched in 1992, this is the first generation of yacht Mingshi, it does not have professional features, in 2007, the brand to countdown and mechanical memory function watch (116,688 and 116689), the grand launch of the yacht Mingshi II watch, laid the status of sailing professional timepieces. In 2011, Rolex to steel and rose gold style, the introduction of a yacht Mingshi II watch, before the continuation of the classic features and design, style becomes more fashionable and dynamic, and the rest is basically the same as before, the model is 116681. Rolex Yacht Masters II Series 116681 replica watches with stainless steel and rose gold with the design, the watch is more varied, compared to 2007 two watches, it is more fashionable. Rolex enjoy the best stainless steel 904L stainless steel, all current Rolex steel models are of this material, the general stainless steel 316L, and 904L there is a big difference, the former has corrosion and wear resistance, and 904L than It is harder and more resistant to corrosion. Cikuan watch case and bracelet outside the two rows of links for the stainless steel, crown, buttons and bezel is rose gold material. White lacquered dial, is a good primer color, to highlight the other colors, but also make the watch more refreshing. Dial on top of a three-dimensional square block as a time scale, pink gold material through the faceted blue handle, showing three-dimensional sense, pointer and time scale scale with CHROMALIGHT long-lasting luminous display, easy to read in dark environments. In fact, the Rolex of the yacht Mingshi II watch and most of the Rolex Oyster-like watch, has a very texture of the case, from the side can see the flat case to watch in the lugs appear smooth The curvature of the very elegant, the crown is refined, each part of the details are showing charming glory, while the table bottom cover, bezel, clasp and so on are the classic Rolex Oyster design. As a professional watch, Rolex 116681-type watch only has a countdown function, serving the sailing events and sailing. This feature is accompanied by the birth of the yacht Mingshi II all the rage, rolex replica designed 90 degree two-way rotation RING COMMAND outer ring, connected to the movement structure, so as to achieve the movement of the bezel and movement, which belongs to the industry First. Bezel on the blue CERACHROM sub-circle engraved with pink gold inside the number of noble and stylish, and the sea together, beautiful also makes digital clear presentation, easy to countdown. Countdown function also requires the ring 10 minutes countdown disk on the dial together, by pressing the 2 o'clock position of the button, the countdown to start or pause, press the 4 o'clock position button can make time zero, of course, the 4 o'clock position button There is a role, is to adjust the countdown time. Because each level of the sailing race in the sail before the preparation time is different, and therefore must be able to adjust the countdown time to achieve the desired results. Functional data Timing The time used to record the movement of the time pointer, an essential tool for hobbyists. Flyback / reverse jump pointer to the end automatically back to the initial position, or manually adjust the timing pointer to return to the initial position of the function. Magnetically shielded to prevent the magnetic components in a certain magnetic field strength affected by the magnetic travel time accuracy of the function. Rotating bezel with one-way and two-way, one-way professional services in diving, two-way can be applied to other sports timing. Rolex has always respected practical-oriented, appearance and then how to design, in essence, or to see, and movement is the essence of the watch. Rolex 116681 watch is used in this brand Rolex 4160 self-produced self-winding movement, is characterized by COSC certification, stop seconds, with column-wheel timing module and the vertical clutch structure and mechanical memory function. Movement vibration frequency for the mainstream of 4hz, equipped with internal anti-magnetic blue PARACHROM hairspring, than the average hairspring in the seismic capacity of 10 times stronger, Breguet-style hairspring to ensure balance and isochronous hairspring oscillation. Balance wheel as one of the most critical component of the movement, a direct impact on the movement of time, Rolex use this for the Glucydur-like balance wheel, by four screws balance the center of gravity and inertia, can be highly accurate time adjustment, inward protruding Screw design, you can do big balance wheel, is conducive to balance wheel when the balance of high-speed rotation. In addition, the movement of some of the original fine through Rolex research and innovation of the UV-LiGA technology made of exquisite, you can make the original meticulous and close, enhance the overall performance of the movement. In addition to practical Rolex movement, the mass production of it has many of the same level of high-level brand movement can not achieve the mechanical level, although the details of grinding and unhappy, but it can save the cost for development. Rolex Yacht Mingshi II watch Oyster professional-style watch uphold the tradition of the supremacy of the red dial countdown pointer assembly, while with the bezel, easy to function and easy to operate. Yacht Mingshi II series since its inception in 2007, with a variety of high-end materials with this year is the use of platinum and platinum materials, and dignified. The appreciation of the 116,681-type watch, to comply with the original design of the yacht Mingshi II watch, inherited the Rolex special craft and professional countdown function, in 2011 Basel Watch debut, equipped with 4160 high-quality automatic It is considered to be one of the best watches for sailing events or sailing.